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Contractor Care Program

Being a Contractor with SBSSIT means you are highly valued and an important part of our community. That’s why we go to great lengths to provide you with the best possible service.

What Makes us Excel

Our ultimate Recruiting & Staffing practices have much benefited our clients. Our time-proven recruiting services not only strengthen your ranks, but they reduce your risks, as well as your costs. We provide a solution to the employers to help you hire for various roles and assist your workforce transition effectively.

What we Offer

We offer both Managed IT Staffing and Vendor Management to support your business.

IT Staffing

Our “Best fit” recruiting methodology filters candidates through five rigorous stages to find the ideal match for your needs. We market Candidates in a variety of technology fields with direct technology experience who understand your industry and platform.

Vendor Management

Our Vendor management process empowers an organization to take appropriate measures for controlling cost, reducing potential risks related to vendors, ensuring excellent service deliverability and deriving value from vendors in the long-run.This includes researching about the best suitable vendors, sourcing and obtaining pricing information, gauging the quality of work, managing relationships in case of multiple vendors, evaluating performance by setting organizational standards, and ensuring that the payments are always made on time.

Staffing Services

Why do Contractors Love SBSS-IT

  • A designated point of contact to create a personal relationship with every contractor.
  • Career management includes resume preparation assistance and interview coaching.
  • A focus on superior quality systems means contractors get paid on time, every time.
  • Regular contact with face-to-face catch-ups when you need them.
  • A proactive approach to ensure your continuity of contracting via Contract Renewal Process.
  • A structured performance and feedback program to allow you to voice your opinion.

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